Legend of Monsters

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Unleashed by an mysterious energy from the Everlasting Seal, the Satan Dragon turns into the largest risk to the entire world. World are in chaos! Peace are damaged, lands are poisoned, lives are slain and souls are tormented. The Dragon Ring! Solely the Dragon Ring could make Dragons sealed, but it surely was gone, lengthy gone. To seek out the Dragon Ring, many braves have joined our marvelous journey. But it surely was solely the start. Expertise an thrilling journey, defeat the mysterious Satan Dragon, do not ever miss it. [Exciting battles ] The incomparable thrill of fight, what are you ready for? Warriors, rampage by way of the battlefield, thrilling! Archers, 100 bull's eye with out a single miss, thrilling! Swordsmen, devastate something earlier than them, thrilling! Mages, manipulate the mysterious energy of magic, thrilling! Balanced courses, await to your command! [Awesome creatures] Able to combat the Satan Dragon with an unparalleled braveness? The fiercest and most harmful dragon, superior! The bravest and hardest companion, superior! The good and strongest tools, superior! Let's hunt essentially the most harmful creatures, we're ready for you tonight! [Numerous gifts] Essentially the most beneficiant present ever! Every day examine in for presents! Every day actions for presents! Enviornment rating for presents! The strongest one with essentially the most beneficiant present! Dominating!

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